Day 2

Gosh today’s walk was hard really hard – very out of breath early on but it’s done so feeling good.

Looking forward to my warm shower 🙂 feeling immense gratitude for the hand made soap gifted by the talented Anne grace Kane :). Also the amazing tropical skin care regime I was introduced to just before Christmas by the wonderful Heather Fogie an ambassador for tropical products in the north ! Love them so much. The innovative packaging the minus environmental impact and the integrity of the ingredients. While all my pampering soaks in I will be sitting at a window doing my day two of the mindful seeing challenge – just looking seeing not labelling thinking of what’s next ! Just seeing! A wonderful way to start my day – thank you Lindsay for encouragement ( walking) your research is so valuable thank you. The photo was on my birthday day out with this focused inspiring and probably gentle nagging daughter lol

January 2020

How to start? Where to start? What do I want to say? What theme? Honestly I love the idea of writing here rather than mindless posts on Facebook. Wonder why this feels more difficult?

So new year ! And some new year intentions;

1. I need to be more in control of my health situation ! It’s ruling me and also I’m allowing drs nurses to fob me off too much. Motivation – to feel better, not feel lost or not in control. I want to be alive for years yet.

2. 52 stitches – I’ve taken on the challenge to sew knit spin something creative post card size weekly for 2020. Motivation. I don’t see I can’t finish off things well if sewing is needed. This challenge will enable me to do small pieces and should show my development over the year. Help with organising and planning projects for creativity too.

3. My mind – developing my mindfulness practice. Then my business follows. How I feel daily when life seems hard – I am now seeing changes to my reactions to things. All positive ways forward.

Only 3 intentions at this moment but the motivations are what will keep me going when it gets tough !

Actions for the coming week!

1. Health –

read my blood results and understand them.

Walk outside every day. Building slowly starting with 15 mins.

Yoga routine x4 times this week

2. 52 stitches

First postcard finished

Write up the journal post for this work

Buy needle for beads – fabric marker – and some extra threads and cottons plus a pair of sewing scissors !

3. My mind ! Lol now that’s a challenge he lol

Starting the 52 week challenge as given in my lovely gift today the week of mindful seeing !